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6 tips when selecting a payroll solution

Recently I went to one of the ATO’s ‘Single Touch Payroll: Introduction’ seminars. These ran at various suburban venues around the country.  The ATO is getting around the market meeting micro and small businesses and educating them on the Single Touch Payroll process.

I asked a question, “how should I go about selecting a good payroll solution”? The answer, not unexpected, was to look at the ATO’s ‘No-cost and low-cost STP solutions for Single Touch Payroll’ web page. There are several solutions on offer.

I asked myself the question ‘what should I consider when selecting a payroll solution’?  Did I approach these tips from the position of a micro business that wants to be ATO compliant and address its payroll and payslip concerns?

The following six tips are what I found to be relevant:

Don’t just rely on a Free version:

The adage is, ‘you pay for what you get’. With the free versions you will end up paying for it somewhere in the mix, so beware if you are considering the no-charge solutions. In the majority of cases, it will be missing something essential, and you will spend unnecessary time sorting it out or inputting data yourself. In my mind, this defeats the purpose.

Understand what you need to get done?

Don’t overcapitalise on the software package that you select. In too many cases, I had seen companies getting a Rolls Royce when they only needed a Commodore. If you need a payroll system to sort out your STP and standard payroll requirements; then look for a fit-for-purpose solution; do not get caught up with excessive spending.

Plan for future growth

The payroll solution will need to be able to grow with you and provide functions you may need in the future such as, over time, additional base rates, payments per job, allowances to name a few.

Look for a flexible solution

Also, look for features that provide mobile app-based solutions that will let you do your work wherever you are; I have come across several that are tying you to a desktop computer.  If you are not bound to a desk, then make sure that the solution will give you a mobile phone and app flexibility.

Make sure you will get local support

When I am having an issue or need a question answered, I like to speak to a real customer support person, and more importantly I like it when they are local, that is an Aussie call centre. I have come across several companies that intentionally do not publish a support contact phone number. I find this annoying and perplexing. It is as though they are scared to speak to their customers. My view is to look for excellent local support, keep our jobs here.

Prioritise ease of use

The product experience, ultimately its ease of use, is essential to me.  I am not sure about you; however, I don’t want to be tied down by a system that is too hard to navigate around. I am out of there if it is!  It needs to do what it says on the box, be easy to operate and meet its intended purpose. I don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of time working it out.

At Easy Payslip we have created a payroll solution that will take10 minutes to set up, it’s simple to operate, ATO approved, STP compliant and has a local Aussie support team that will assist you if you need any help.  You can run your payroll from your phone or desktop. You will like its flexibility and the bottom line; it’s not expensive, you can sign up and set up for as little as $8.80 per month after the initial 30-day free trial.

Visit Easy Payslip at or your Android or iOS app stores.