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Small Business are you STP ready, the ATO says not yet!

The pressure is on for the ATO they are marshalling their resources and sending their people into the market to educate and encourage micro and small businesses to get on board with Single Touch Payroll (STP).

According to the ATO, the number of small business reporting through STP has more than tripled from 100,000 to 350,000 as at 16th September. There is still a lot of work to do.

Easy Payslip is doing its bit getting businesses set up and ATO compliant. Easy Payslip is a payroll solution for micro-sized and small companies. It was the first payroll app in the market to have a fully stand-alone mobile technology that translates complex HR and payroll accounting system requirements into a simple app that employers can use wherever, whenever, and on whatever device they like.

“Small businesses still need to get a move along and embrace STP and become ATO compliant by the September 30 deadline. At Easy Payslip, we are making this easy by educating our clients. We are running regular workshops, webinars and we have our local support team available to assist in educating micro and small businesses on how to get set up,” says Peter Nawn, chief executive officer of payroll app Easy Payslip.

“We are getting the message out there, and our message is simple, getting STP ready, and ATO compliant will only take 10-15 minutes to do with our Easy Payslip app.  Our client support team speak to all our customers when they sign up, they tell us that they love having a simple solution to the STP challenge. Our app allows them to continue to focus on their business, and for as little as $8.80 per month, they are ATO compliant as well,” added Nawn.

ATO Assistant Commissioner, Jason Lucchese said, “it’s time to move to STP, and small employers need to be taking steps to start reporting.”

“More than 425,000 employers are already reporting their employees’ tax and superannuation information through STP. We understand all employers operate in slightly different ways and may face unique challenges which can affect their payroll processes” added Lucchese.

At Easy Payslip we have created a payroll solution that will take10 minutes to set up, it’s simple to operate, ATO approved, STP compliant and has a local Aussie support team that will assist you if you need any help.  You can run your payroll from your phone or your desktop. You will like its flexibility and the bottom line; it’s not expensive, you can sign up and set up for as little as $8.80 per month after the initial 30-day free trial.

Visit Easy Payslip at or your Android or iOS app stores.